2015 Toyota 4Runner Concept

It is a long time ahead of 2015 Toyota 4Runner to be unveiled. In experts circles many talk about that new version, but we cannot ignore the 2014 series of 4Runner, either. Some rumors said that a new version will be product of current 2013 version combined with the development in 2014 series. As before, it will be offered in three models: the base SR5, the Trail (it comes as a 4×4 only), and the upscale Limited.

2015 Toyota 4Runner front
2015 Toyota 4Runner Redesign

We assume that new 2015 Toyota 4Runner will undergo some serious changes of interior design. It is rumored that vehicle will have a more stylish interior and a lot of features. But that is not something unexpected, because when you look a development at the car’s last two versions, you could notice that trend of constantly improving interior design. The source familiar to a company stated that there will probably be a 7 inches display and seats with heating. Also other features like eight speakers will be offered in this vehicle. We also expect to be improved and redesigned and other inside elements such as, dashboard, navigation system, safety features and other equipment. The only thing we don’t want to see is a similarity between new version’s design with its predecessor. The wheel sizes range from 17 inches on the SR5 to 20-inches on the Limited model.

2015 Toyota 4Runner rear

The powertrain offer in 2015 Toyota 4Runner will be huge, because the company have prepared a wide engine group for this model. At this 2015 model, there is expected to be offered a Modest Edition, Off Route Tag and a Groundwork SR5. There are not any official information about the vehicles fuel efficiency, but we won’t be surprised if brand would have a more efficient engine system and through that made better performance of 2015 4Runner.

2015 Toyota 4Runner interior

So we just can hope that new 4Runner version will be surprise, since its latest version from 2013 was a massive disappointment because it was lack of changes and innovation. So it is necessary that new model be much a better all-terrain SUV. The powertrain offer in new version will be enough strong to provide the car’s performance. It is expected that Toyota will use V-6 or even a V-8 engines. The vehicle will also survive some exterior changes, and will appear with a more aggressive look and restyled front grille. So designed like that, the 2015 Toyota 4Runner will be easily recognized on the street. The prices haven’t been announced but it will not be much different from the current one, which started at $32,335 for a rear-drive SR5 and went up to $41,875 for a 4×4 Limited model. Its release date is expected in mid 2014.

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